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The pressures of today’s world, college admission stress, and helicopter parents come together in this modern allegory appropriately titled Panic. Beginning with the not so subtle link to the famed painting “The Scream” on the cover, accompanied (literally) by musical selections by the lyrical band, Social Void, embedded in the kindle sound version, this story is timely, humorous, frightening and reassuring all at once. Panic Disorder is real and fostered by today’s high-pressure society. I highly recommend this book for today’s teens and their parents!

by Sherrill S. Cannon

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Like Getler’s protagonist we can learn to make sense of what ails us and rise Phoenix-like from the ashes of false selves. Unabashedly imaginative, this sweetly told, funny and charming tale of triumph may well set readers on their own right path to make of their lives art, not war.

by tradengrade

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